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Educational ICT Consultancy

Are you planning for the way ICT is used across your school?

‘Effective planning for ICT in schools provides pupils with engaging and relevant experiences that prepares them well for the future’

consultancy1.jpgTechnology is continually evolving and in recent years we have seen advancements and innovations that impact on many aspects of our lives, from ‘Web 2’ technologies to wireless connectivity and ‘smart’ devices. Schools are often left playing catch-up and it can be challenging for them to keep abreast of change whilst at the same time ensuring that their existing, multi-faceted ICT, from infrastructure to staff CPD, is well planned for and maintained.

Several studies have concluded that the impact to learning through ICT is most effective when it is strategically planned, implemented and reviewed. We recognise that ICT in schools is multi-dimensional and offer comprehensive support on its management and effective implementation across your school.

What we offer

We work closely with the school’s leadership team and the subject coordinator to:

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